Plant-Based Meals for Work and School

What is a Plant-Based Meal?

On this blog, I define a plant-based meal as one that follows the plant based diet (as discussed in my previous post here). This means that the meal contains few or no animal products and is full of natural nutrients. All of the meals in this post are completely vegan (free of animal derived ingredients) and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are simple, healthy, and delicious!

veggie lunch (2)

Who Should Eat These?


These meals are perfect for adults and children alike! They are easy to make and require only a few ingredients. They are ideal for the lazy mom or college student on a budget. I would recommend these to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time or money on their hands to make a fancy packed lunch or snack. These are all great on-the-go recipes that can be eaten cold and require no additional heating. Just make sure to check for any allergies before sharing!

The Meal Ideas

  1. Nut Butter Banana Wrap (spread a nut butter of your choice on a whole wheat tortilla then add some banana slices. Note: can substitute nut butter for a nut-free alternative if desired. Try adding cinnamon to spice it up!)
  2. Brown Rice Cake w/spread (grab a brown rice cake and put your favorite sugar-free jelly, nut butter, or other spread on it)
  3. Smoothie (blend your favorite fruits and veggies together for a delicious treat. My favorite is raspberries, banana, and spinach)
  4. Hummus Wrap (grab a whole wheat tortilla and add your favorite greens and veggies. Top it with hummus and enjoy!)
  5. Guacaroni (mix your favorite whole wheat pasta with some guacamole and enjoy this cold pasta dish)
  6. Cool Veggie Quesadilla (fill a whole wheat quesadilla with tender veggies then top with either hummus, guacamole, or salsa for a delicious meal)
  7. Kiddie Crackers (Grab your favorite cracker, can use bread instead, and add a meat substitute like tofurky, a vegan cheese slice, some spinach, and hummus for a quick meal)
  8. Old-Fashioned PB&J (experiment with a classic favorite using different breads, nut butters, and jellies) Note: If you aren’t a fan of jelly, just make PB Crackers!
  9. Veggie Quinoa Salad (add your favorite veggies to a bowl of quinoa and top with desired salad dressing)
  10. Mexican Salad Bowl (mix your favorite beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, and other veggies with desired dressing and enjoy!)
  11. Cold Spiralized Pasta (make pasta noodles out of squash, zucchini, or cucumber and add Italian seasonings, cherry tomatoes and a cool dressing to complete)
  12. Experiment! There are so many combinations of sandwiches, crackers, pastas, wraps, pitas, and bowls out there! Keep checking back on my blog for more recipe inspiration.

Bonus: Add a snack on the side for a little something extra. Some snack ideas include apples and peanut butter, dairy-free yogurt and granola, carrots and salsa, broccoli and hummus, nuts and seeds, and more.

veggie snack

Tips for Plant-Based On-The-Go

  1. Make your lunch the night before to save you from the craziness of the morning. All of these meals can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge!
  2. Don’t be afraid to add healthy snacks! Eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day is key for a healthy metabolism and weight loss.
  3. Invest in a good lunch carrier like a bento box. The comfort and ease will make packing your lunches that much better!
  4. Go wild and experiment with different recipes. Make a goal to try one new recipe every week.
  5. When all else fails, check out your local health and grocery stores for some amazing food products to add to your lunch. There are more plant-based food products on the shelves everyday.

What are your favorite plant-based lunches and snacks to take on-the-go? Let me know in the comments below!

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