Why I Want To Be A Single Foster Parent

My Foster Care Journey

It started while I was in college. I began hearing about the foster care system through various people and social media. Out of curiosity, I began to do my own research into the subject. I was appalled to find that there were thousands of children in the foster care system just in my city alone. More shocking still, was the fact that many of these children were forced to be in group homes or even sleep in government offices due to the lack of foster homes available. While there were thousands of children in need of a place to stay, there were only a few hundred foster homes available. It was a heartbreaking truth and a wake up call for me. As I continued my research, I found this was the case not only in my city—but nationwide. This foster care crisis is a worldwide epidemic that the general public needs to get involved with.


After learning this awful truth, I decided I wanted to be part of the solution. As I finished my college degree, I continued to do my research on the foster care system and what it took to be a foster parent. I was surprised to learn that you don’t have to own a house, be married, or even rich to be a foster parent. The most basic requirements were to be a mature adult, able to financially support yourself, and have adequate room for the child in your home.

Flash forward two years, I have now graduated college. I am currently single, working as a full-time nanny, and I live in a one bedroom apartment. Although I realize a single nanny in a one bedroom apartment is certainly not the most ideal situation for every child, I know I can provide a stable and loving home for some. If social services has a need for me, I want to make sure I am doing my part.


That being said, I am beginning my foster care journey. I am hoping to be become licensed within a year. I wanted to share my journey with you, because there are so few single foster parents (especially young ones like me) who are sharing their stories to encourage others. There are a lot of fears being a young single foster parent. I have my own worries and concerns. However, I know I can provide a stable, loving home for a child in need. Although I am able to foster ages 0-3 in my one bedroom currently, I hope to move into a larger two bedroom eventually so that I may be open to fostering older children as well.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. What do you think about being a single foster parent?

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