The Veggie Bear

A blog of compassionate living that focuses on leading a thoughtful and meaningful existence. Here I will touch on topics such as plant-based eating, cruelty-free products, conscious child care, and kind living.

Meet Autumn!

profHello there! I’m Autumn, a proud redhead with a love for compassionate living. I am a college graduate, a published author, a full-time nanny, an aspiring foster parent, and a follower of the plant-based lifestyle.

I studied child development and nutrition in college which has given me immense joy and a wealth of knowledge. I created this blog to share tips, products, and more that have helped me live a kinder existence.

I created The Veggie Bear as an online tool for those interested in compassionate living. It is perfect for beginners or seasoned enthusiasts. On The Veggie Bear, you will find everything from plant-based recipes to restaurant recommendations to product reviews to advice on compassionate child care. It is set up to be simple and practical for everyday living. The Veggie Bear will help connect you to the resources and community you need to help make the world a more caring place.

If you would like to learn more about me or contact me, please visit my author website at https://autumnrene.com.

With love,